Welcome to MIND Matters

MIND Matters Education Centre Pte Ltd (Reg No: 200511140R) was registered with the Ministry of Education under the founder/first-owner (MOE Registration No:2829) and has made its first mark in the Singapore tutorial arena as early as year 2005.


To Cultivate Academic Excellence in the Minds of the Young.
To Lay the Foundation to Lifelong Learning.


To Become the Leading Centre that inspires Students to
Overcome Academic Challenges.

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Managing Director

Mr David Chong

Mr Chong is an education industry veteran and owns a chain of tuition centres under the MIND Matters brand. He has nearly 15 years of experience in providing enrichment, coaching and tuition courses to students in Singapore. Mr Chong is a Singapore citizen.



The Beginning

Accompanied by a great team of experienced and passionate tutors, Mr David Chong made a decision to purchase an unsuccessful tuition centre at Woodlands Civic Centre in the year 2007. Despite the obvious challenges faced, he rapidly turned the centre into a successful one.
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