P6SpS: Spinning Science (Enrichment Course) – Primary 6

P6SpS: Spinning Science (Enrichment Course) – Primary 6

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Primary and Secondary Science Tuition Course

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It is All About Structured and
Open-Ended (Section B) Questions!

Being one of MIND Matters premium enrichment courses, it is specially designed and crafted to promote the development of our students’ answering skills and techniques when dealing with structured and open-ended questions.

Students need to be CLEAR in their approach!

Claim (Scientific)

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Available Data


More than Content Knowledge,
Be More Specific When Answering Questions!

Who's Should

It is a course specially designed for Primary 6 Students who are aiming for the 90s. Some students might have a good grasp of Science concepts but face difficulties in constructing scientific explanations.

Such students usually do well for their MCQs but need guidance to polish their techniques in answering structured and open-ended questions.


MIND Matters have developed our own in-ouse methodology to help students master the technique of presenting their answers with irreplaceable keywords/phrases that they are expected to use to nail the questions!

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