Finding the best tuition centre for your child can be a daunting task. With all the options available for you to choose from, it helps to be clear about what you're signing on to. Here at MIND Matters, we've prepared a list of FAQs to assist you in that search.

How much do I have to pay upon registration?

The registration form must be duly and fully completed by the parent. A non-refundable registration of $53.50.

How much is the deposit?

A ONE-month deposit ( Equivalent to ONE month tuition fees) and the tuition fee must be paid in advance.

Are the registration fee and the deposit refundable?

Registration fee and deposit are strictly non-refundable. The deposit will be used to offset the student’s course fee for the final month. The student’s final month is determined by the parent of the student and not by the Centre.

How much is the monthly course fee for the respective subjects and levels?

Kindly call/visit your nearest centre of your convenience to get the respective information during our business hours.

What if a student joins in the middle of the month?

The course fee will be pro-rated and it will be based on the payment for the 1st subject and will be multiplied by the number of available lessons in the month.

Pro-rated fees are applicable only to any new enrolment upon the first month.

Pro-rated fees is strictly not applicable for any current student who has missed any lesson for the month.

How is the pro-rated fee for the respective levels calculated?

Pro-rated fees will be charged based on the Centre’s calculation & on the number of lessons your child needs to attend for the month.

All students are required to pay 1.5 months / 2 months tuition fees in the month of August / September for the booster class / per subject in

preparation for SA2.  (subject to notice from the Centre)

What are the modes of payment?

All payments must be made either by cash, NETS, cheque or Bank Transfer. All cheque payments are to be crossed and made payable to “MIND Matters Education Centre Pte Ltd”.

All course fees must be paid in advance before the new month commences and no partial payment will be accepted.

When is the due date for the monthly course fee?

The Centre reserves the rights to implement late charges (S$15.00) if payment is not received by 5th of each month.

How long is the duration for each lesson?

The duration of scheduled lesson is 2 hours, except for Preparatory Level which is scheduled for 1.5 hours.

Is MIND Matters closed on Public Holidays and School Holidays?

All MIND Matters Centres are closed on all Public holidays, Christmas Eve, Chinese New Year Eve, 3rd day of Chinese New Year and Teacher’s Day. There will be no lesson, no replacement and no refund of the course fee if the scheduled lesson falls on the above mentioned dates.

Are students given homework?

MIND Matters practice ‘Zero Homework’. However there will be cases when they are required to bring back minimal homework/corrections that are uncompleted during the scheduled lesson.

Are the lessons conducted according to the latest MOE syllabus?

Yes, our lessons are aligned with latest MOE syllabus.

What are the scheduled lessons for the respective levels?

MIND Matters reserves the right to change or reschedule any above-mentioned class schedule without any prior notice.

What is the teaching approach?

MIND Matters adopts ‘Fun and Interesting Learning Approach’ which is also known as FILA. Children of today have a higher tendency of doing better when they like the teacher and subject.

What are the teachers' qualification?

MIND Matters Education Centre has been registered with MOE since 2005. Our teachers are graduates who specialised in the subjects they are teaching. Our teachers have at least 4 years of teaching experience and most importantly, they have the passion for teaching.

What is the class size of MIND Matters

MIND Matters maintains small classroom size to provide more one-on-one attention for our students.

Preparatory Level: 6-8 students in a class;
Primary Level: 8-10 students in a class;
Secondary Level: 12-14 students in a class

What should I do if I miss a lesson?

If a student misses a scheduled lesson, he/she will have to arrange for a replacement class within the same academic week (MIND Matters calendar) strictly with the Special Request Form. Any other type of notification is not acceptable.

Students can replace their missed lessons if there are classes of the same level and subject within our Academic Week.

Replacement lesson is subjected to the availability of seats in the Replacement Class. If the replacement class is not available, the student can collect the material and land in to the teacher for marking on the next scheduled lesson.

Lessons missed due to school activity and/or medical reasons are not replaced / refunded.

Classes may be rescheduled due to year-end examination.

What is the withdrawal process?

If a student wishes to withdraw from any of the course, he/she will need to follow the Withdrawal Procedure and submit the Withdrawal Form (WF) with at least a month’s notice .

When is the "term break" for MIND Matters?

One month term break starts from 1st till 30th November.

NO lesson will be conducted during public holidays and the centre’s scheduled holidays.

Lessons will be as per normal during the school term holidays.

Is MIND Matters closed on Public Holidays and Scheduled Holidays?

All MIND Matters Centres are closed on all Public holidays, Christmas Eve, Chinese New Year Eve, 3rd day of Chinese New Year and Teacher’s Day. There will be no lesson, no replacement and no refund of the course fee if the scheduled lesson falls on the above mentioned dates.

Student Disciplinary Policy

The Centre reserves the right to expel any student who misbehaves.

For serious matters, the Centre will hand the offenders over to the police.


Parents are advised not to send their child for lessons if they are unwell.

Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the class.

Student is advised not to use Handphone or Ipad or any form of electronic devices during lesson time.

Student is advised not to leave the Centre during lesson time.

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